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District 1 Mentor, Gladys Harlow by ObsessedXShipper District 1 Mentor, Gladys Harlow :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 3 2
Aubrey Reaping
This is it.
All of Aubrey’s life has lead up to this moment. The moment she volunteers as tribute. The moment that would be the start of her life.
She wants this more than anything, everyone tells her so. Though she can’t remember the first time she saw the games at the tender age of six, her parents tell her the story often enough. How she had begged to be allowed to stay up for the tribute parade, how she insisted she was old enough to handle the violence. Her mother had agreed. It’s tradition. Her father worried it might scare her. But, in the end, Aubrey had perched on the edge of her parent’s pristine velvet couch and watched as 24 kids competed for glory.
And she loved it. Apparently.
She had followed the action closely, glued to the television for days until, finally, a girl from District 4 emerged victorious. And, the story went, Aubrey shot straight to her feet and declared, “I want to be just like her when I grow up!”
Of course, her parents
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Aubrey App by ObsessedXShipper Aubrey App :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 2 0
Mature content
Fin Round 2 :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 4 4
Mature content
Fin Round 1 :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 3 4
Valentines Day by ObsessedXShipper Valentines Day :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 5 0
Training Final: Fin
“Come on, Fin, we can’t be late today.”
What was supposed to get Fin out of bed only made him curl up closer to Walter. He’d been awake for the last hour,  lying there with his head on Walter’s chest, soaking up the feeling of just being alive. Now that Walter was awake, pretending to be asleep was increasingly difficult.
“Come on,” Walter insisted, shifting underneath him.
“No,” Fin whined, squeezing his eyes shut. “What does it even matter? Even if we get amazing scores no one is gonna think we actually have a chance in hell and we’re too old for sympathy sponsors.”
Walter wedged an arm under Fin and gently pried him away, much to Fin’s displeasure. “We still have to show up.”
“Fine.” Fin watched as Walter slipped out of bed and crossed the room. Walter paused at the door, turning back to the bed and biting his lip. It looked as though he wanted to say something, but he ended up
:iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 2 6
Training Day 3: Fin
Day three and Fin didn’t want to get out of bed.
He was curled up against Walter, head buried in the crook of his friend’s neck, totally and completely awake when Walter stirred. Fin moaned and begged for him to stay, but Walter wouldn’t give in, leaving Fin no choice but to get ready and get his ass downstairs.
Fin’s grumpiness lingered as he stepped into the training room alone. Walter had beat him there, as usual. He tried not to let that bother him as he made his way over to the fake wooded area once more. Yesterday he’d been there for knots, but today Gryffon had advised him to do snares.
Apparently snares would be easier once he’d learned the basics of knots, but Fin wasn’t so sure. The videos on screen showed a bunch of complicated set ups involving wood steaks. Ugh.
Nevertheless, Fin dutifully followed the instructions, starting with the simplest snares until he worked his way up to one that took him an hour and probably didn’t ev
:iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 1 0
Training Day 2: Fin
Fin made his way down the the training room in an unusually good mood, considering the circumstances. He and Walter had made up the night before and, well, it involved a lot of good touching that continued upon waking. Fin might have stayed there with him all day had his friend not been the more responsible one and dragged them out of bed. Somehow, Walter still managed to make it downstairs first, but Fin didn't mind.
Today his task was... knots. It didn't seem like a useful skill, but Gryffon insisted that it would help with snares, the last skill he was supposed to focus on. And, he had added, it might assist him in making a slingshot if it came down to it, but Fin was pretty sure he'd end up with the crappiest slingshot ever if he attempted it make one.
Nevertheless, he made his way over to the station past everyone else swinging swords and being impressive. He knew this was important work, but he still couldn't help but feel it was going to be really freaking boring.
With an exagge
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Training Day 1: Fin
Despite waking up late, Fin didn't skip breakfast. He sat at the table, fully dressed but still half asleep, shoveling eggs into his mouth as Gryffon scolded him for getting up late and having the nerve to still eat. But Fin ignored him, only stopping when Gryffon batted his fork away.
“Okay that’s enough,” he growled, earning himself a glare from Fin. “Don’t want you vomiting all over the training room. The train was bad enough.”
Fin pouted, but didn’t go for the fork again. “Do you have to bring that up every five minutes?” Okay so maybe he’d been a little too excited by the abundance of food on the train, but he’d learned his lesson. Or rather, he’d figured out how to eat just enough to make him feel uncomfortably full but not so much that he threw it all up later.
But now he just didn’t feel hungry, which wasn’t at all satisfying but it would have to do.
“I’m just saying,” Gryffon
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Secret Santa for lydiamay by ObsessedXShipper Secret Santa for lydiamay :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 3 2
Cecily Reaping
The fact that her whole life had lead up to this moment didn’t make Cecily nervous at all. She’d trained since she could remember, so a little scuffle at the reaping wasn’t a big deal. But Cillian did make her nervous.
Her brother stood at her side in the lines of kids all waiting for their chance to volunteer. It was customary to separate the boys and the girls, but Cillian was being clingy and refused to go to his own side until the ceremony officially started. He held her hand a little too tight and rocked on his heels, transferring his nerves to her. It was almost a relief when Granite Foxtrot strutted out onto the stage.
“See you, Ceci,” Cillian muttered, giving her hand an extra squeeze before letting go. She nodded and watched him weave his way back to the boys’ side as Granite started talking.
He was a short, pudgy man with wide baby eyes and a bright green pompadour that had to be a wig. He looked fashionable, as always, but Cecily was too e
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Fin Reaping
Though Fin was way past the age to get Reaped, there was always something deeply unsettling about being at a Reaping. He hated watching kids get dragged away from their weeping families and paraded up on stage to their deaths. Not many things bothered Fin, but this definitely did.
He stood alone in the crowd, somewhere towards the back so he wouldn’t have the best view of the stage, and he could also keep an eye out for his parents. They didn’t get along at the best of times, so he really didn’t want to run into them now when he felt so weird and vulnerable
When Prudence Plucknutt took to the stage, Fin smiled in spite of himself. She was totally ridiculous and he respected that. Her bright yellow hair clashed tremendously with her loud red outfit and that skirt wasn’t doing her any favors. He often enjoyed imagining what she looked like without all the hair dye and pounds of makeup. Once he and Walter had spent a long afternoon drawing pictures of her real face
:iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 1 6
Hunger Games OTC: Fin by ObsessedXShipper Hunger Games OTC: Fin :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 3 1 25th Annual Hunger Games: Cecily by ObsessedXShipper 25th Annual Hunger Games: Cecily :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 1 5 Round 4: December by ObsessedXShipper
Mature content
Round 4: December :iconobsessedxshipper:ObsessedXShipper 2 12


Gods and Monsters by Jazz-Rhythm Gods and Monsters :iconjazz-rhythm:Jazz-Rhythm 18 6 Search and Destroy by kathrynlayno
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Training Day 2: Snares :iconjazz-rhythm:Jazz-Rhythm 6 8



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